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Monique Gastaud lives and works in the Nice region. She devoted herself to her innate passion for drawing and painting in her forties.

Conscious of this priceless gift that is     life and out of love for the animals of     which the human being is a part, #only       animal in the world that thinks it is not   one#, it is quite naturally that she made   living beings her favorite theme at a time   when animal art and drawing were not at all in the artistic trend.


Encouraged by her numerous national and     international distinctions that her animal   painting obtains, she partly intends her     creations for the benefit of the Animal     Cause, alongside associations as well as

Jeanne Augier, then owner of the Hotel       NEGRESCO in Nice from where will follow a   long friendly and artistically fruitful     relationship.

  - 15 œuvres de Monique Gastaud belong to       the famous AUGIER MESNAGES NEGRESCO           Fondation.

  - Several others are referenced in the         collection of the Royal ART MUSEUM of         Bruxels in BELGIUM or are part of             private collections.

  - Monique appears in the Documentation         Center Animal Art,

  - Member of the National Art Academy of         Cats         

  - Official Animal Painter of the AJNAC

  - More than 30 paintings were created and       decorated the former Phoenix Park             aquarium Nice.

  - Member of the AIAP National Committee         with the UNESCO.

  - Author of several posters for animal         defense

In constant artistic research, her           thematic  range unfolds, her technique       diversifies.

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@Monique Gastaud, self-portrait

“An interesting work with a promising future. ” 

P. Amiel, Side Art, 2001
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