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#I have to feel the heart beating#


Living in  Nice area, Monique Gastaud devotes herself to her innate passion for drawing and painting in her forties. Conscious of this inestimable gift that is life itself and out of love for the animals of which the human being is a part, #only animal in the world which thinks not to be one#, it is quite naturally that she makes the living being her favorite theme at a time when animal art and drawing were not at all in the artistic trend.


Encouraged by her numerous national and international awards that her animal paintings quickly obtain, she partly intends her creations for the benefit of the Animal Cause, alongside associations as well as Jeanne Augier, then owner of the Hôtel NEGRESCO in Nice from where will follow a long friendly and artistically fruitful relationship.


- More than 15 works by Monique Gastaud are now part of the prestigious MESNAGE AUGIER NEGRESCO Endowment.

- Several others are referenced in the collection of

Royal Museums of Art and History of Brussels or are part of private collections.

- More than 30 paintings were created and decorated the former Parc Phoenix aquarium in Nice.

- Member of the AIAP National Committee for UNESCO.

- Monique belongs to the French National Academy of Cats, she is - - listed in the centre of Animal Art (Centre de Documentation de l’Art Animalier (CDAA)) and is the official - painter of the AJNAC (Association of the national day of domestic animals). 

- Author of several posters for animal defence.

In constant artistic research, her thematic range unfolds, her technique diversifies.




Monique Gastaud, autopor'trail

'Interesting art with a promising future.'

P. Amiel, Côté Art, 2001

Awards & Exhibitions

2022   JAPAN Osaka             



>  Exhibition ANIMALIA galerie des pêcheurs Monaco January/june

2021   LUXEMBOURG        

>  Certificat of merit awarded by the Pinacotheque of the museum of LUXEMBOURG  - December                        


>  "DANTE" exhibition 18-22 October 4 Quai Antoine 1er



>  personal exhibition Forum Jorge François 28/09-28/10



>  "La force du détail" exhibition 11-28 february 4 Quai Antoine 1er



2019   Aspremont

>  Individual Exhibition at La chapelle des Pénitents Blancs Aug 23rd/sep 22nd                      Nice

>  Exhibition the gallery La Quincaillerie d'Art 1st-30th April


2018   Saint Raphaël    

>  Salon du Grand Format : 2nd Prize oil painting

2017   Cannes

>  Palm Beach, exhibition "Jeux, Hasard & Cinéma" May 5th - June 4th


2015.  COLOMBIA Bogotá 

>  Happening 'La Femme', exhibition in association with Catalina Azuero, reputable fashion      designer from Bogotá, Você Studio

>  Personal portrait, web video, producer Karine Varango

       St Tropez 

>  Group exhibition, Dreem Street Gallery

       Saint Raphaël    

>  Salon du Grand Format:2nd prize oil painting

2013   Antibes   

>  Exhibition Congress Palace 


2011   Nice

>  30 pieces of work at the parc Phoenix aquariums

       PACA France     

>  Personal interview, Radio France Bleu Azur, 28/02

>  Personal interview, M6 TV, Accès Direct 01


2008 - 2011 PACA FRANCE

>  Creation of many posters for the National days of the domestic animals (AJNAC) and various    animal causes                                                                   

>  Personal Exhibition at the townhall 


2007   Nice      

>  Personal Exhibition at the Negresco Hotel


2006   ITALY             

>  Nominated official knight of the GRECI-MARINO academy


>  Nude contest at the Expo centre: 2nd prize, President of the Jury Sacha SOSONO



2005   Nice     

>  Negresco Hotel exhibition: 1st prize for a world without bull-fighting



2003   BELGIUM Brussells

>  Work listed at The Royal Art & History Museum of Brussels       

       JAPAN Tokyo     

>  International exhibition at the Seiko Museum: Gold Medal       


>  International exhibition of 'L’Aigle de Nice': 1st prize


2001   JAPAN Kobe

>  Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art: Award of Excellence


>  National Art exhibition: 1st prize, Pastel


2000   Paris   

>  Member of the National Academy of Cats, 30 members lifetime


>  National exhibition of the repatriated of Northern Africa:Creative award                         Marseille 

>  Exhibition at Maison Blanche, Townhall


1999   JAPAN Kyoto     

>  Kyoto National Museum: General Consulate of Belgium Award       


>  National exhibition of repatriated of Northern Africa: 1st Prize                         


>  National Art exhition of Cats: 1st prize


1998  CHINA Beijing   

>  Group exhibition at the Yanhuang Art Museum

1990 - nowadays : many awards in the Provence Alpes Côte D'Azur region and many posters created in association with the animal defence causes.

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